The Mission


Let’s see, I could start the website off saying welcome and blah blah blah.  That doesn’t sound too original, does it? Honestly, it reads as quite boring. Don’t worry. I’m more than happy to give you the short version to quickly catch us up. I am a lifestyle blogger intent on documenting my life for both the benefit of myself and my readers. There comes a time or two, where we aren’t always surrounded by the support necessary to help us begin the next chapter in life. This is even more crucial for young female girlbosses who are taking the unconventional route in establishing themselves. Life with JustTeeTee is a place I wanted to create where us females can come together and support one another on our life journeys. The next time you branch out of your comfort zone and need a hand, stop on by Life with JustTeeTee. We got your back 🙂