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A Pop of Red 

Hi Ladies! Are you enjoying May thus far? I myself am totally loving this month. The weather has been beautiful. My birthday is next week. I have no reason to complain these days. 

Today’s look was focused around red  and black. I’ve always been a sucker for a red lip. I haven’t been wearing that much lipstick the days. So I decided to throw this red baby on. 

For the first time, I tried the beauty blender I’ve been hearing so much about. Why didn’t you guys tell me I needed this in my makeup bag?! Initially, I thought this was all hype. Lately, my makeup brush has been leaving marks while putting my foundation on. Didn’t nobody have time for that. Rather than buy a new brush, I tried the blender. I am now a believer! There needs to still be some work as I’m far from a pro. But babyy, this was worth the $4 bucks I spent. I picked this one up at Marshalls. It’s a great buy especially for starters.

Now I’m off to be productive. Hope you gals do the same! 



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