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Lifestyle: Mango Lemon Margarita

Happy Cinco De Mayo Ladies!

2016-05-05 18.00.11.jpg



I’m not Spanish but I never turn down a reason to celebrate 🙂 In celebration of this festive holiday, I attempted to make Mango Lemon Margaritas. Now, lately I haven’t been drinking alcohol. This margarita is actually a mocktail ( alcohol free) not a cocktail. Though, I’m pretty sure you alcohol lovers won’t have an issue adding a shot of tequila to this recipe to get the party going 🙂

I searched online for this recipe and stumbled upon a fellow blogger’s recipe. Check out the link .

To sum it up for you, it’s pretty simple. You need some sparkling water, mango, lemon, sugar, and some mint. The recipe maker coated the rim with sugar. I myself love a margarita with some salt for a little bit of kick.

This drink definitely was refreshing and filled my margarita craving. I actually may try to 2016-05-05 17.58.33.jpgrecreate it with my own spin on it. My taste pallete has been itching for some pineapple lately. Don’t be afraid to try this drink and make it your own. Alcohol or not, a margarita is a perfect way to make memories and enjoy moments with friends.

Hope you enjoy your Cinco De Mayo! ;]





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