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Wash Day: Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Masque Review

Hi Ladies!

Do you know what month it is? It’s MAY!!! The most awesome month ever haha!!  I just had to point that out to you guys! It’s my birthday month among other milestone events so I am pumped!  Now that we got that out of the way, back to today’s post.

Two days ago, it was time for wash day. I don’t know about you guys but this isn’t really my favorite day . In the past few months, I’ve been slacking on my hair care so I am trying to get better. But let me tell you, detangling my hair is far from my favorite activity. Surely takes a bunch of patience. So great products are a must to make this day as painless as possible.

Hello Media..jpg

This week’s new product was Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Masque. This past week my hair has been more manageable than usual but still has been looking so dry if that makes sense. Using this week’s product was my hopeful solution. I was not With Product.jpgdisappointed.

For those who don’t know, I begin my wash days by wetting my hair in the shower. If I am doing some kind of deep conditioner that comes first. I let the deep condition/masque sit in while I perform my usual hygiene routine. This gives it a chance to sink in and get down to business on my strands. This is followed by the other series of products I may use depending on my desired style.

This week was no different. After wetting my hair in the shower, I applied the Design Essentials masque. It was easy to apply, wasn’t hard to work through my strands, and was successful in taking care of my dryness. For those who don’t deep condition, I strongly suggest it! It helps keep the health of your hair and protect it from everyday factors such as daily manipulation, heat, and weather changes. Think of it as what spinach is to Popeyes haha! You get the point.

20160501_215345.jpgSee below for the results. My hair was so manageable after this masque. After I washed it out, I skipped the shampoo (no point in putting in moisture just to strip it right). I used two different conditioners pictured ( Suave) and rinsed. Wahlah. The wash part of wash day is over 🙂 TeeTee definitely approves this product. I got this product a part of a Walgreens sale so the price wasn’t breaking my pockets. Yet, I don’t know if I go as far to say it can’t be replaced by a more budget friendly deep conditioner. Only time shall tell.

Without Product & Dry.jpg My hair appears a bit frizzy in the picture because I was moving the shirt around interrupting the curl pattern.Once I finished washing my hair  & dried out the excess water, I threw in some leave in conditioner. I didn’t have anywhere to be on Monday so I just let it air dry and put it in a puff for the last few days. Hope this review helps you guys! I am always on the lookout for new products. I may be a bit of a product junkie * bows heads* We all have our addictions lol.






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