Big Hair, Don’t Care Aspirations


Last night, I was oh so sure this morning my hair was going to be BOMB. COM. I spent about twenty-thirty minutes twisting my hair. The night before I washed my hair and  didn’t really put in any product. I knew my hair was overdue for some moisture and figured I might as well do some twists while I’m taking care of it. Well welcome to my disappointment this morning when I ruined my twist out results 😦 . I kept trying to make my hair bigger to get some 80s big hair that I ended up stretching the curls out too much. Hence the bun on top of my head this morning.


For the next twist out, I think I may put a bit more gel and a little less hair butter to avoid the frizz mess I had this morning. Well that’s my check in for the day. I’m doing the usual countdown to five right now. Hope your day is going good and your hair looks better than mine 🙂

TaaTaa Ladies



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