Falling deep deep in love…..


…. With these awesome shoes?! I can’t be the only one who had a love at first sight moment looking at these LolaShoetique shoes on Instagram. Apparently, my wallet already has a date on payday with these shoes. I love a few things about them.

1.       Chunky Heels = more comfort.

I love heels that aren’t skinny as it provides more comfort and stability. This actually allows the wearer to extend the amount of time actually in the shoes. I for one am not a big fan of the skinny heels as I know in a hour or two, my feet are finished. This reminds me of my post on platform heels in this season. I go into more detail about why I love this kind of shoe and even recommend a few for you girlies 🙂

2.       Color

This kind of color can go with SO many looks. It’s a basic color but far from bland and simple. I’m picturing cute little knee length dresses with these and form fitting skinny jeans. Guess my wallet is going to be busy this pay day 🙂 haha. The simplest things can bring an outfit to life. Especially a pair of cute heels! Check it out here  all the other ways to spice up your look.

3.       It’s from an online boutique. Personally, I’m a lover of online shopping. You get in, get out, without the hassle of long lines, mean shoppers, and feet crying after hours standing. I recommended a couple of sites in addition to Lolashoetique that would have more great heels like this in my February post on online sites.

Excuse me as I try to get back to work and and now fawn over more shoes.  Don’t forget to catch me on social media as well in between my blog posts. My username is @__justteetee . Don’t be shy. I’m always down for new friends 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂



6 thoughts on “Falling deep deep in love…..

    1. Haha Awww! I feel your pain. Hey I feel that way when I see the long gorgeous maxi dresses that I’ll never be able to wear unless I throw on like 6 inch pumps haha. ( I’m 4 ft 11 hence my struggle) .

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