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Lifestyle: Comedy Get Down Tour

Date Night.jpgThis Saturday, Babe and I went to the Comedy Get Down Tour for our weekly date night. For those who don’t know, the tour featured George Lopez, Charlie Murphie,  Eddie Griffin, and Kings of Comedy Cedric the Entertainer and DL Hughley. I’m always down for laughter so comedy shows are great date nights for us. We looked forward to the line up especially since we were able to score floor seats. As someone who is on the shorter side and visually impaired, I was thrilled to finally be able to see the performers.Usually I am squinting like a blind bat or ducking back and forth between tall people and unusually high hairstyles. In remembrance of the late Prince, there was purple lighting and different music sets of his music in between acts. You know that means we were jamming all night long 🙂

The Look


My look of the day was pretty casual. I wore a cute peasant top, black cut up skinny jeans, and knee high boots which have been previously featured on the blog. The one thing I noticed about these shows are the range of attire among the audience. Most people were cute and casual. Then you had the people who popped out the mini dresses and sky high heels. Call me crazy but that doesn’t seem to comfortable walking up and down stadium stairs surrounded by crowds. But hey, to each his own.

Your guide to healthy living.jpg

The Show


All comedians are great comics and each caught at least a few laughs from me. With that being said, I believe George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, and Cedric were the highlights for me. I’ve watched a lot of comedy online ( the product of a no social life growing up haha). So it kind of just killed certain acts for me when I heard the jokes being recycled. I’m pretty sure they were great for first timers just like it was when I heard these jokes. Even though I felt some comedians were a bit inebriated ( pointing no fingers), it was a good time for babe and I nonetheless.

I’m always down to support positive shows. In this day and age, it is hard to find genuine people trying to give quality work. All in all, this was worth it. Babe and I got out and had a great time and laughed until our tummies hurt. Date night success complete.






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