Drab to Fab: Bring Your Outfits to Life

We’d all love to wake up every morning and walk out the house like we are fresh off the runway. A girl can dream right? We all can’t be like Rihanna. Some mornings we end up just throwing something together and hoping for the best. When these moods hit, what more can you do? This post is to prove that style doesn’t always have to take time. All it takes is a few minor additions to bring even the most basic outfit from drab to fab. Check it out 🙂

Accessories my friend! 



Bold accessories help to bring life to style. Despite the faces my boyfriend and family make, I always pick up these unique and over the top vivid accessories. While a big black and white bow may not look great with a blue and red outfit, it is perfect to bring to life a simple black dress I thew on in the morning.



A nice colored sweater or cute jacket can quickly become the center of the outfit.It elevates bland to ” got d*mn*. Haha corny I know. But you get the gist. Ensure you always have that one go to jacket that you know will make you look stylish. I paired the above kimono with a tank and jean shorts which changed the overall look to stylish.




Throw on a pop of lip color or some eyeliner. You may think it doesn’t make it a difference but trust me. This will be the difference between you looking like you rolled out of bed this morning. I can usually be caught with a bright lip when I know I cut back on the effort put into my outfit that morning.




The same outfit worn with heels and then with flats can look totally different. While of course, heels aren’t for everyone. For those who choose to take on the challenge of heels, they serve their purpose. You can never go wrong with a cute pair of pumps. The outfit above was super casual until I threw on my cheetah pumps and fur vest.

Now, you don’t have to throw this all together at once. Just one or two of the above can help prepare you for your day. You never know you who you may run into.  On your way out the door, swap those flats for some heels and throw on a blazer. Wahlah! You just brought your outfit to life and are prepared to run into even your worst of enemies. You can’t control what you day brings but your outfit will have you totally ready for whatever!


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