Lifestyle: #Movingtips Are you packed properly?


It’s only but so much fun you can have while packing. Is there anyone in the world who actually enjoys packing? If so, I haven’t met one yet. The whole process of packing and unpacking is guaranteed to take a few days especially if you are anything like my boyfriend and I. We have a habit of accumulating “things” which lead to our drawn out process of packing. Usually when I move, I simply throw everything in the nearest container or box and figure it out at the new place. That method doesn’t really cause much of an inconvenience when you are only dealing with your things. I mean, you already know what you have from what you don’t have, right? With all of the things we own, I refused to set myself up for that disaster but just throwing things together. Check out the tips I practiced below to pack us up and ease the move.

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. I repeat, don’t wait until the last minute! The last thing you want is for moving day to arrive and your apartment still needs to be packed. Do a little day by day. This way you won’t get burnt out and stressed out.
  2. Entertain yourself during packing. My favorite was watching my weekly Monday lineup on VH1. I’m usually so busy gossiping about what’s going on during the show that I barely have time to complain about the boring task of packing.
  3. Go room by room. Set your sights on a specific room and start packing it up. This helps you measure your progress. It also gives you a good estimate about how much you have left.
  4. Label your boxes and organize. This way during the move, boxes will be placed in the rooms they belong to.
  5. Good Luck! Haha. Go to Starbucks. Go to Sleep early. Whatever your pick is, ensure that you have the energy necessary to complete your packing. Just know on the other side of that packing will be you in your new place relaxing comfortably.

Hopefully these tips help you out. They surely saved me from losing my mind. Enjoy!






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