Lifestyle: We did it!!! Yay!

We finally did it!  It’s Moving Time!! My boyfriend & I have finally found an apartment that we love. Let me tell you, I doubt we could have waited any longer for this move.We have been apartment hunting for months now. Long, long,  months filled with endless viewings and socially awkward real estate agents.I am super excited to be done with it all and start this new chapter in our lives.


We may have found the place but the work has just begun unfortunately. I know I can’t be the only one that dreads the actual moving process. Wheew! It just screams a bunch of work. I am all for the decorating and home shopping part. But, boxes, heavy lifting, and packing? I’ll pass. Cleaning and dealing with landlords? Yes, I’ll pass on that as well. Preparing for moving is definitely nothing to be jumping for joy about.





I’ve moved before as I’ve lived on my own for a few years. Yet, this move has definitely kicked my butt. It took two days and we still haven’t completely moved everything in. If I was honest, I’d have to admit this move is proving to be a pain in my behind. While dealing with crisis after crisis, I realized I doubt I’m the only one that is struggling with this. So I’ve prepared a few posts for the moving newbie. Just thought I’d sprinkle some things I’d learned on the blog to hopefully help save you guys some avoidable stress.


The moving process may be as annoying as a splinter in your foot. But, the actual feeling of waking up in a new place starting fresh is priceless. The picture at the beginning of the post was taken our first morning waking up in our new place. Seeing that view, knowing what is in store for us, helped make everything worth it. After reading my next couple of posts you will be able to avoid some annoyances I’ve had to deal with during this move. Hopefully, you enjoy your new place as much as us, if not more 🙂

Stay Tuned!




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