Sushi Date: Today’s Lunch Review


For lunch, I ended up trying this new spot in Buffalo. Technically, it’s called Market Expo but houses a variety of restaurants and even a bar within it. It recently opened up and has been the talk of everyone at work for weeks. Usually, I bring my lunch to work which has been working miracles on my budget. Unfortunately, I haven’t cooked the past few days which meant there was no lunch to pack today. For the past week, I’ve been craving Sushi. Hence, how I ended up at Sun Roll at Market Expo. It wasn’t until I bought some of their sushi that I realized this is supposed to be “healthy sushi”. You know how people say you should never go grocery shopping while hungry? Well, let me be the first to tell you it applies to going out to eat as well. I ended up ordering California rolls, salmon rolls, and shrimp rolls. While it all looked so delicious while I was at the counter, I am currently stuffed with a whole lot left and a dent in my lunch budget :/


My Review

Off the back, I noticed the difference in the rice wrapping of the sushi. I am usually used to white rice. Yet, today was my introduction to the dark rice wrap. My coworkers have stated they found it have a “sweet:” taste. While I haven’t been able to distinguish the taste, I surely noticed the difference. I will be going back to my white rice wrap J The rolls themselves were hit or miss. I absolutely loved the shrimp rolls. I had the maker throw on some spicy mayo sauce which usually makes everything taste amazing. The salmon rolls were extremely uneventful. The salmon itself tasted more like fish out of a can than the fresh salmon I am used to. I do admit I got them to grill it so that could be the culprit. The California rolls weren’t anything special. I’ve been eating them for like the past year consistently. While it wasn’t unpleasant, their take on it wasn’t memorable.


Overall, I enjoyed the space and the presentation. It was a cute little sushi spot which comes into handy when looking for something for lunch. I’d refer this place to other sushi lovers. Just don’t make a rookie mistake like me and try to go outside my comfort box at a restaurant I never been to. I’ll definitely be back to the Market Expo to check out the other restaurants within it. I’m always down to try something once 🙂




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