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OOTD: Rainy Chic

Hey everyone! As I’ve continuously been complaining about, Buffalo’s weather has been far from cooperative. Yesterday morning it was 50 degrees. Last night, it was snowing. And this morning was, guess what? Raining! With all the confusing weather, it can be a trick to still look cute while being prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. See below for my outfit of the day and it’s breakdown πŸ™‚

Rainy Chic(1).jpg

Dress: Old Navy Shirt Dress

I picked this up yesterday on sale. It was about $15-16 I believe in store. This shirt dress is casual but chic. It is a little above knee length on me ( I’m a bit short ). My height worked to my advantage today because the length helped protect me from the rain & cold. I absolutely love Olive Green and these days I require lots of comfort. So this was a SCORE πŸ™‚ Click the link above for the dress. It is still being sold @ Old Navy.

Sale Alert: There was a super cash sale going on which basically serves as cash when it’s time to pay. So if my total is $30 and I have a $10 super cash certificate, my new total is $20. The sale lasts until April 14th I believe. You earn super cash during when you purchase during the sale period.

Boots: ShoeDazzle?

I actually scored the above boots last winter season so I’m not 100% positive that it was ShoeDazzle. I threw in a few links of some alternatives which will let you achieve this look. Personally, I believe knee length is key for the look. Whether or not you want heels is totally optional. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for this look.Yet, you can always personalize it to your own tastes.






Forever21 Slouch Boots If you aren’t too keen on the high boots, this is a perfect alternative.







Jessica Simpson Knee High Camel Colored Boots

I threw this option in the mix because you can always play with color πŸ™‚ Plus, these boots are hot.

Hopefully, this gives you some fashion inspiration while we wait for Mother Nature to grant us a bit of sunshine πŸ™‚




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