#GIRLTALK: Where does your Girlcode end?

Listening to a recent radio interview had me thinking about girl code and if there really is one. Obviously, we all have a girl code with our friends. You know the usual. Don’t date each other’s boyfriends. Protect one another’s secrets. Yeda Yeda. That’s nothing new. My question is concerning a universal girl code amongst women whether you are close or not. Is there a girl code you abide by for your fellow women, friend or foe?Where's Yours-

Let me give you guys a quick background on the interview before I jump in. Recently, R&B singer K Michelle was on the Breakfast Club promoting her new album. Apparently, her and one of the hosts Angela Yee aren’t BFF but more than cordial as they are in the same industry with the same circles so to speak. In a prior interview with some rappers, Angela Yee discussed rumors that these rappers had sexual relations with K Michelle and the possibility of K Michelle havingĀ  hygiene problems. K Michelle addressed this with Angela Yee and stated that as a woman Angela Yee should have never breathed life into a false rumor about sexual relations especially with all of the professional accomplishments K Michelle had pending. K Michelle stated that it is expected from the men but as a woman Angela Yee shouldn’t have fed into it. What do you guys think?

I’m a big believer in “treat people as you would like to be treated”. This flows over into any girl code I may have. I try my best not to insult or disrespect women even those I don’t know of, simply because I would like the same respect. It is unrealistic that we all perfect this and never hurt any one at all. Yet, I would say it is something I strive for. Close or not, I can understand K Michelle’s point that Angela Yee shouldn’t have added to this. It is hard enough being a woman and having to protect one’s reputation against lies and rumors. The last thing a woman should do is dish that onto another woman’s plate. Do you guys follow a girl code? Is there is a certain degree of consideration you are willing to give the woman at work, the woman down the street, or the woman in the next city that you don’t know?


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