March on over! Top 10 Posts This Month

Hey everyone! I hope your day is going quite awesome. I on the other hand am attempting to stay awake as I type. Hopefully this blog post grants me a well needed surge of energy. images.jpgRecently, I’ve been super swamped with life which has affected the blog. This month, I’ve been publishing my blog posts at these awkward times preventing them from getting the deserved amount of attention. We wouldn’t want them feeling neglected, now do we? Haha.. Until I figure out a way/system to bring attention to my old posts, these refresher courses will just have to do 🙂 If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, PLEASE let me know!  In the meantime, check out all that you missed 🙂

Trend Alert: Faux Suede

Are you Ready to See NYC?

Women’s History Month Honoree

Don’t let Instagram Fool You

5 Online Sites Every Fashionista Should Know

Platform Heels Perfect for Spring

Top 3 Perfume Recommendations for Spring

Road Trip Tips

NYC Restaurant Review of Former Knick’s Restaurant

Importance of Tunnel Vision




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