Are you ready to see NYC?

To my delight, I was able to show my boyfriend around NYC and even do a bit of “tourist” sightseeing. For those of you who never visited NYC or would like to see it through my eyes, check it below! I’ve compiled the highlights of our trips for you viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy seeing NYC! 

Junior’s Restaurant


If you guys have ever watched Making the Band, there was a part where Diddy made the band members walk across a bridge just to get some cheesecake for him. Well guess what?! That cheesecake was from Juniors! My boyfriend is a complete addict for cheesecake. So of course, we had to stop on by to get him some Red Velvet Cheesecake. It was so good I currently have a cake big enough to feed a party in my fridge just for my boyfriend. Located in Brooklyn, you should stop by if you are a sweet lover. 

Tom’s Restaurant


This is a great breakfast spot that serves breakfast all day I believe. I learned about it from my mother who loves trying new places out. So you know, I had to take my boyfriend by to taste these breakfast delights. It’s an old time restaurant that reminds me of 1950s down to the milkshake glasses. I had a Belgian waffle, crab cakes, and a side of scrambled eggs.

34th Street


Shopping in NYC– uhhh awesome! 34th street is just one of the many strips in Manhattan where someone can find a bunch of places to spend their pocket change. My boyfriend and I didn’t end up purchasing anything special. Yet, we surely enjoyed looking into the many shops that we couldn’t find in Buffalo :). 


It’s always great to experience something new with someone you love. This trip was fun while it lasted. Let me go back to my desk to the real world 😦 Unfortunately, the vacation is over. Hope you enjoyed glimpse into the Big apple. Until next time folks 🙂



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