NYC Restaurant Review: Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine


This past week was my boyfriend’s birthday hence our spur of the moment trip to NYC.image Originally from NYC, I am still finding hidden gems that I have yet to hear about let alone visit. For his birthday, I wanted a place that was worthy of a birthday dinner but that was also a new experience for the both of us. My cousin thankfully suggested Clyde’s which turned out to be an awesome experience for the birthday boy and myself. For those of you who don’t know, this restaurant is actually former basketball Knicks player Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s in which the restaurant received its namesake.  Not big on sports, this reference totally went over my head.  Check out the picture of him below if the name doesn’t ring any bells. I may not know who Clyde is but he surely has a winner on his hands with this restaurant!


This décor at this restaurant was gorgeous! Picture a balanced blend between classy, funky, and sporty. Walking in, the restaurant was lit via candle, TVs and smaller lights setting the mood for dinner. As you enter, you are immediately greeted and seated. We had the pleasure of being seated by the manager who was nothing short of pleasant, funny, and relatable. This was a great intro to our dining experience.


There are ceiling length pictures of Clyde everywhere! Now I do give the man credit for his unique taste in clothing. Yet, I don’t think I really am the only one who doesn’t want to see his face outside the bathroom when taking care of business. *shrugs* There is a small basketball court on the lower level near the bar which guests are free to utilize while awaiting their food or post eating. I think that is a great addition to have at the restaurant. The main level breathes classy with its white cloth tables, glass, and candles while the lower level is perfect for a game night with the guys. It’s a great blend to suit almost all dining experiences.


Now to the good stuff, the food. AWESOME!!! Oh yeah, did I mention awesome!! Both my boyfriend and I was salivating at our meals. I’m not sure who the chef is at Clyde’s but he/she is welcome at my house anytime! The food was reasonably priced ( think Red lobster’s prices) but the actual quality of the meal had us feeling as if we were rich for the night.


For an appetizer, we ordered calamari which is pretty common for our date nights. Clyde’s calamari has nailed the #1 spot in our book hands down. Usually people overcook the calamari making it more crunchy and hard than the desired soft and flaky. This wasn’t the case with the chef at Clyde’s which we surely appreciated.



I myself had lobster tail with sautéed spinach, crabmeat, and mashed potatoes. My boyfriend had this perfectly grilled salmon with mashed potatoes, and spinach. Trust me, the food was as delicious as it looks in the pictures. The salmon was perfectly grilled. The lobster came in this savory butter sauce to die for. I mean, you can’t go wrong. Between the service, the food, and the décor this was a perfect NYC food experience. Clyde’s is definitely on my list every time I go home to visit.


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