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Easter Inspired Fashion

Happy Easter! I hope your Easter is going good. My house is currently recovering from our Easter dinner which was pretty awesome if I say so myself * pats self on the back  haha*  While winding down for the night in preparation for work tomorrow, I thought I’d show you guys these lovely Easter inspired items. Everyone’s Easter outfits on social media and my peeks at online shopping today has me inspired. I’ve noticed that Easter is a major turning point in transitioning fashion from winter to spring. Let me tell you, I am not complaining. Bring on the sandals, flirty dresses, and dramatic shades. I am so ready! Scroll down to quench your thirst for some spring Easter fashion.




I am so loving this ivory lace white dress. If I thought I could pull this off without having to don 5 inch heels, this would be on it’s way to my house as we speak. I’d recommend this dress to females who are looking for a dress to bring out their inner curves. This is the perfect low maintenance dress for Spring guaranteed to make a statement. Let your curls loose and throw on a pair of strappy sandals and you are all set. It is about $74 at Lulu’s right now. Head on over.


necklace (2).png

The gorgeous pink in this gemstone necklace is very Easter if you ask me. It is perfect for making an outfit pop to celebrate the occasion.Addicted to my statement necklaces, this one will bring a bland outfit to the necessary stylish level. It is currently on sale at Forever 21 for about $10. Also friends, Forever21 is having a Easter Sale. The sale goes up to 40%. Definitely worth a peek.


Flats (2).png

I am absolutely in love with the new pointed ballet flats style I’ve been watching creep on the fashion scene. I’ve seen a few low budget imitations but haven’t really seen any I loved. That was before today 🙂 These gorgeous Easter blue flats are extremely feminine, stylish, and soooo cute for lack of a better word. They can transition from pairing with jeans to dressing up for a nice spring date. TeeTee Likes! Check them out over at Asos for about $40.


I’ve come across a few more fashion items but thought I’d let you guys scour the net using the above as inspiration. I’m going to head over to bed and prepare for this work week after being off for the past week. You know I need extra sleep to be prepared for this! Toodles! Let me know if you guys ended up getting them 🙂




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