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Roadtrip to the Concrete Jungle, NYC

RoadTrIP.jpgI finally made it back home! For all of you who aren’t aware, I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. Usually, I’m back in NYC every couple of months. Sadly, my last visit was last June hence my happiness for the most recent visit. This time around I got to bring my boo thang 🙂 Visiting all my old spots and showing my boo my old stomping grounds made it almost like visiting for the 1st time 🙂

Buffalo is about a 6 1/2 hours drive to NYC. My lovely boyfriend volunteered to drive so I was able to sit back relax and enjoy the ride going and coming back. Thankfully, we actually enjoy each others company so this was a breeze. Being confined to a car for hours can either be pretty awesome or extremely dreadful depending on the company. This road trip allowed us to bond and discuss our upcoming future together. We cracked a couple of jokes, sang awfully, and I even brought out a few horrible dance moves to keep the trip going.


For those who are new to long road trips, I’ve provided some tips for you below to ease the discomfort. My car was filled to capacity including my dog which can be cramped for an amateur. Check out my tips on road trip etiquette to make your road trip one for the books 🙂

Road Trip Etiquette

Rule #1 Make sure everyone uses the restroom before take off! Trust me, try to go even if you don’t have to. The last thing you want is to realize you have to go when there isn’t a rest stop for 30 miles. Do everyone in the car a favor and just go before the trip starts!

20160325_141214Rule #2 Make a playlist for the drive. Most likely, everyone won’t enjoy the same songs or music. Everyone should prep music of their liking. Take turns rotating the music to ensure that no one is left out. Though, I’d suggest you at least make sure the driver can stand the music. No one wants to bore the driver. I mean, it’ll help if the driver doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel. Don’t cha think 🙂

Rule #3 Prepare the snacks in advance. Don’t be the person who needs to stop every second because you’re hungry. Bring light finger foods which are easy to munch on to keep you going throughout the ride. Make sure you don’t go hungry but don’t stuff yourself. This brings me to rule #4.

Rule #4: Remember what goes in must come out 🙂 Stay clear of things sure to make you run to the toilet. This includes drinking too much, eating greasy food, etc. etc. Also, no one wants to smell a bunch of farts the whole ride. Do everyone a favor and go easy.

20160321_174120Rule #5: Keep the pit stops to a minimum. Stopping every hour only prolongs the trip. When I go on road trips, I like to keep the stops to one or two times. This lets everyone use the bathroom, stretch their legs, stock up, and last until the next layover.

Rule #6: Bring something to occupy your time. Books, Tablets, games. Bring whatever floats your boat and eases the feeling of being cramped. There isn’t always hours of topics to discuss. When the silence starts to creep up, just occupy yourself.

These are just a few tips so everyone in the car doesn’t lose their mind on any long trip. Basically, stay considerate and prepare. Some things like traffic or accidents are out of your hand and you have no control over. Yet, how you prepare and treat one another is well within reach. Make your day trip in the car feel like just a few hours catching up with old friends. Stay tuned for how my trip went and what we chose to do  while in NYC.






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