Don’t let Instagram fool you…


I find that it is human nature especially for women to compare and contrast our own journey against the outward appearance of others.  Thanks to social media, we can get daily updates on what’s going on in everyone’s life..It is easier to see what everyone else “has”. I wish I was as successful as her. I wish I had the freedom to pick up and go. He is always traveling, I wish I could do that. Truthfully speaking whenever we are projecting those thoughts, it is usually misplaced. The person’s life we are envying usually isn’t as hyped up as it may seem. You know the saying “ the grass always seems greener on the other side”. There is no such thing as a perfect life. With everyone’s life comes their own baggage and issues.


Yesterday, I was having a drag of a day. I’m talking the oh em gee, where is the reset button kind of day. I felt miserable and trapped in the circumstances of my life. Everyone else’s life seemed soooo much more appealing than what I was going through. I was sitting in the car in Mcdonalds drive thru pouting when J Cole “Love Yourz” came on the radio. For all of those who haven’t heard his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, what the heck are you waiting for! Go cop that ASAP. Anywho, this song cameand gave me a reality check. The lyrics read “ no such thing as a life that’s better than yours… there is beauty in the struggle ugliness in success… “ . Man, if this isn’t the truth. After listening to this song, I was reminded that it is the moments like this that make or break you. While I won’t pretend to be excited about my awful day yesterday, I know that it is only one part of the life I have. I have an amazing life and unfortunately I just had to bite the bullet yesterday.


Ladies, there is a saying that is great for this message. If we all threw our problems in a pile, you will gladly take yours back. Your life is tailored to who you are which includes the struggle. Appreciate the pains of getting where you want to be as this is what makes the climb that much sweeter. You may not have the life you want. You may not like where you are. Just hold on. It will come when it is meant to. Don’t rush the process or spend valuable time envying the façade of another person’s life.




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