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Trend: Make a Statement in Platform Heels!

My style magazines and go to shopping websites are overflowing with statement platform heels this month. Can you imagine my delight? Statement platform heels combine everything a girl like me loves. As a short girl, I love wearing towering heels to ensure I can at least have a semblance of eye level conversations with others. Imagine the neck problems that come with always having to look up to look someone in their face. Not fun! Once you combine this with platforms that increase  comfort and add a pretty pattern, we got ourselves a good time!

Check out some of my favorites I spotted while browsing online. I even threw in how I’d rock these shoes. Happy reading!


Bohemian Chic

  Throw this beauty with an off the shoulder, crispy white dress. I’d pair this with an bold accent purse and you will be all set!



Pretty Funky

Are you bold and funky? Like to take risks with your heels?  Try this beauty. I would pair this with a clean cut dark blue pair of jeans and a V-neck. The V-neck could be either white or any of those awesome pastels colors in the shoe. Don’t try to overpower the shoe. It speaks for itself 🙂 
Faux Wooden Heel



Girl’s Night Out With a Splash

A knee length black dress would be perfect for this shoe. Throw on a bright pink or yellow statement necklace to let the outfit pop enough to compliment these bamboo platforms.

Water Color Slingback


Spicy & Sexy

This hot number is perfect for date night! I myself have been lusting after them since last spring. It totally slipped my mind until I saw them again this weekend. My closet just might have a new addition 🙂 I’d wear these with some cute hip hugging jeans & a sexy hot pink blouse. Definitely a great shoe for a flirty night.


 Let these be some inspiration for you guys. There is a platform heel for every girl. With it being hot this season, you won’t have to search hard 🙂




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