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Perfect Spring Scents

Hi everyone!!!

Guess what is coming up on the horizon really soon??? …..Any ideas??

If you guessed Spring,  then you would be totally right! Can you tell how amped I am for the beginning of Spring? The recent forecasts of nice weather in Buffalo surely aren’t helping my bubbling anticipation. Finally, it is the return of cute sandals, drinks near the water, and good ol’ fashion fun in the heat.

Unfortunately for my wallet and perfume collection, I’ve just started to hit the bottom of a Perfect Spring Scents.jpgfew of my favorite scents. With some scents on the way out, you know what that means?! Shopping!! In the midst of my search for some new staples, I put together some of my favorite new scents for the spring season.

Newbies To the Scene

  1. Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium This scent is sexy and subtle. It is light but leaves an impression on those lucky enough to get near you 😉 .Talk about the flirty! I would suggest this scent for date night especially if you want to heighten the mood. My boyfriend even did a double take to smell this scent again. It’s guy approved ladies!MissDiorBloomingBouquet
  2. Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquet I’d describe this scent as light and fresh. Far from overpowering, it is perfect to last throughout the day. This is the kind of scent I’d wear for work, shopping trips, and even girls night out.  Blooming Bouquet is great for innocent fun.

The Ultimate Staple


  1. Viktor & Rolf- Flowerbomb Boy oh boy! This is my absolute favorite perfume. I’ve had it for the past few years and have yet to get sick of it. When selecting new perfume, I try to stay away from those overpowering, obnoxiously fruity, and “old lady” scents. I would hate being the person that walks in the room smelling like she has doused herself in her perfume. Yeah, Flowerbomb is not any of the above. I’d call this my All Purpose Scent. If you are traveling and need a scent to take you from day to night, Flowerbomb is your girl!  It is a light flower scent that is subtle enough for work but strong enough to make your boyfriend come closer. Trust me ladies, check it out.

Don’t be afraid to check these out at the perfume counter in your favorite department store. TIP: Before you commit to a perfume, I’d suggest you test run it. Scents react differently for each person. Spray yourself at the perfume counter then walk around and do some shopping. Once you finish, re-evaluate the scent. Does it smell the same? Do you still have the same feeling to buy? This allows you to be sure you really love the scent sealing the deal.

Hope this helps get your perfume collect spring ready! Fun and Flirty Scents are definitely a staple this season. Enjoy!




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