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#WCM: Mona Scott Young

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I thought I’d start the series #WCM ( Women Crush Month). The purpose of this series is to honor exemplary women who continuously take leaps into uncharted territory turning the unknown into overflowing success. As future womenpreneurs,  it is crucial that we are exposed to those women already leading in their respective industries providing us with guidance and advice. Surprisingly, I am starting this series off by honoring multi business owner Mona Scott Young.  After watching the Centric Mona-Scott-Young.jpgdocumentary Being on Saturday night depicting Mona’s life journey , I was left with nothing but admiration for Mona as a woman, wife, mother, and most importantly, a boss.

Mona Scott Young is most commonly known for her part in producing the successful TV series Love & Hip Hop. Initially starting as a NY based show, Love and Hip Hop has turned into a TV franchise branching off throughout the country. I’ve been pretty much indifferent to the controversy surrounding Mona Scott and Love and Hip Hop prior to seeing the documentary.  I mean, I didn’t know anything about her. Yet at the same time, I was far from a fan. As entertaining as Love and Hip Hop is, I am fully aware of the way other cultures may choose this show as a scapegoat to continue pushing stereotypes onto those in urban cultures. My indifference to Mona has significantly changed for the better following the TV series Being documenting her personal and professional journey.

Mona-Scott-Young-4-@-LHHATL2-Atlanta-Press-Recep-4.15.13-420x630          Being opened my eyes to the long list of accomplishments and accolades Mona has under her belt aside from Love and Hip Hop. Mona was the president and founder of Violator Management which provided management and guidance to a long list of well-known celebrities during its existence. One of my favorite parts of the documentary was Missy Elliott talking about Mona’s hustle for her clients. Missy stated that Mona was getting her clients half a million dollar endorsement deals for just eating a few chips and wearing a couple of sneakers. This was before the industry knew this was possible.  Mona took a leap of faith and opened her next business, Monami entertainment, which is a production company less than two weeks after departing from her management company. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Mona has also owned restaurants, property, and much more. Without a college degree, Mona still wasn’t discouraged from being the best, branching off into new industries, and always striving to be on top.  This kind of blind hustle, absolute determination, and continuous execution is definitely inspiring.

YandyLead-1421099615.jpgAn additional source of motivation from Mona’s story was the high regard the people in her life spoke about her work ethic and character. It is not often that women have not only accomplished a lot but remained humble, giving, and an asset to those in their support system. You could tell that Mona gives just as much to her personal life as professional after listening to the interviews from her friends and family on the documentary. Her dedication to continuously providing positive support, love, and dedication to her family and friends gave a glimpse into the woman behind the boss title. Mona is a woman who found the balance between home and work benefiting from it all. Her marriage and two kids are just as much of an accomplishment as her booming career. As an aspiring girlboss, Mona’s life journey is an example that it is possible and important to have blessings overflowing in every aspect of one’s life.  Mona shows that you can break down barriers at work while still coming home and being a devoted mother and loving wife.

5155170_mona-scott-youngs-love--hip-hop-overcomes_dda4c9a9_m.jpgFor this first segment of #WCM, I humbly give kudos to Mona Scott Young for allowing the TV series Being to shine light on her progress and success. It isn’t common that we are allowed to see the women behind the scenes creating the most out of life. After watching this show, I myself was up at 2am working and hustling on the goals I’d like to see come to fruition. Her no excuses drive and dedication to learning and growing is the perfect push for any girlboss on the fritz scared to take the leap of faith for her dreams. If nothing else, this girlboss can thank Mona for the necessary nudge I needed to create the life that I want. *Snaps* one time for Mrs. Mona Scott Young.


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