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New Week, New Do

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing for the last few days. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying this beautiful weather that has been graced upon us. I’ve been busy working on the look of the website and preparing some content for the upcoming week. It is my goal to start  delivering more content based posts which my readers can relate to and learn from. Feel free to let me know any ideas you would love to see on the blog!


In the meantime, this weekend I’ve changed up my hair do. It kind of resembles this look I had a few weeks back. It is a swoop bang with a high bun. This week’s look is different as it has a more natural look due to the hair used and my leave out. I would suggest this look for anyone in need of getting cute quickly with little to no fuss. For this style, I used one pack of African braiding hair for my bun. My bang is my actual hair blown out and flat ironed. Honestly, I suck at maintaining hairstyles. This style is great for that as it is easy for me to repeat over and over whenever the need arises.

Well, I’m outie you guys. Let me go back to working on this new new for the blog. I hope you beauties are pushing through as well working the midnight oil on your goals. It’s the time spent working when no one is watching that defines how far you allow yourself to go. Don’t short change your capabilities.




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