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Girl, Bye! The Importance of Tunnel Vision

You know how you have those people in the movies who panic at the first sign of conflict in their life. Picture the main character dropping to their knees screaming out ” Why me?!?” Yeah, that’s me times three. One of the things I am working on this year is my inability to deal with stress in a healthy manner. I usually have several mini panic attacks before I am able to step away and evaluate the situation. This is definitely the epitome of counter productive.


Life in general is far from predictable.There is always a curve in the road waiting around the corner that we just couldn’t foresee. My decision to slowly quit my day job and work from home full time promises even more unexpected events due to the high risk and lack of stability. Now more than ever, it is crucial that I learn how to focus and not allow the “noise” to stress me out and sway me.

This time last year, I would have panicked, shut down, then obsess on the negative news I received just now. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a success story right now. I definitely am “work in progress” material with this goal. Yet, after my initial ” WTF” moment, I was able to step back and evaluate. It took a few breaths, well a bit more than a few breaths honestly, to refocus and rationally rather than emotionally take the situation into account.

The point of this long, long, rambling is to say stay focused. While you are focused on executing your plans of life, other people are also trying to do the same. From time to time, this clashes with one another and has the potential to derail everything you worked for. In the moment, you may be giving more life to the situation than it deserves. Look forward and keep your eyesight on the prize. Everything else will fall into place when necessary. Don’t allow something small to distract you from the bigger goal.


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