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Fashion Trend Alert: Faux Suede


Hi guys! Hope your March has started off right. What began as a rocky morning turned into an awesome afternoon! In return, I’m letting that good fortune spill over onto the blog. While feeding into my shopping addiction, I stumbled upon the Faux Suede trend that is running rampant in fashion right now.

Pictured above, see the look I put together in recognition of this current trend. I threw together my faux suede booties with a primarily navy look. I dressed in basics and let a pop of color show itself here and there with my tights, bag, and booties. You guys know I love me some pop of color!  TIP: It has been a staple of mine to always throw on some colorful tights. It definitely brings the most out of the simplest outfit to life.

KenkyushaCheck out some of my favorites from this current trend. Faux Suede is literally making itself known in all forms of clothing and accessories. Express and Abercrombie are two brands that brought shift dresses to life in faux suede. I love Abercrombie’s pastel pink faux suede dress pictured below. Personally, I see that dress looking great with some faux suede chestnut lace up heels.

Have you guys noticed the trend? Created any looks incorporating faux suede? I would love to see your take on it 🙂



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