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Daily Motivation: Didn’t 3LW warn us Haters Gonna Hate?

1I am literally the last person to believe I have “haters”.  I don’t know about you guys but I don’t sit around trying to decipher who is “hating” and who isn’t.  The world seems so much better when giving people the benefit of the doubt.  Does anybody really want to confirm someone is outright disliking a person or their attributes for no apparent reason than just “hate”. I know I don’t. Don’t nobody got time to be thinking about all that.

With that being said, I am not naïve to believe that everyone will be your biggest cheerleader. Unfortunately, in the real world  sometimes the people you care about the most will be the least likely to root in the stands for you. That is just life.The thing is you shouldn’t let that phase you. The lack of encouragement or acknowledgement of your dreams and accomplishments by those you hold dear shouldn’t be a deterrent from your motivation and execution.

I myself am guilty of dwelling on doubt because the people in my life may not necessarily jump for support when hearing me talk about how I plan on taking a chance and risking it all. Listen to me, you can’t do the same. Everyone’s path isn’t meant to be the same. While people in your life aren’t supporting you or may even be hating you, this shouldn’t be your focus. Get that tunnel vision going! Focus Focus Focus!

If they’re hating, then so be it.If there isn’t any support from those in your circle, oh well. Don’t let other people’s opinions and their own restrictions of what life should be put a damper on your capabilities.


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