Fur Obsession : Ashanti, I am here for your fur!


I don’t know about you guys but fur is like my middle name. Right after sparkle, pink, and polka dots. Well maybe not but you guys get the point. I’m pretty sure I was the one Nelly spotted when he rapped “….Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Fur … haha! Okay enough corny.

Let’s take a look at Ashanti’s ensemble today. After acknowledging her banging body and that “WOW” outfit, I got to give credit to the maker of that fur baby.  It is giving me all kinds of Lil Kim in the 90s vibe. Oh yeah, did I mention I love little Kim too? That’s a whole other post though. It is not only gorgeous but BOLD! How can you not love this fur in it’s DO ME Red color?!  All I’m saying is Ashanti, don’t leave that baby near me. I’d throw some shades on and knee high boots and you won’t know what hit me. Give Ashanti *snaps* one time!

Let me go now. I should be over here working and I am drooling over Ashanti’s fur.

Haha. TTYL !!




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