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#14DaysofRomance: The Finale ( Date Night)

20160214_210450Hey everyone! I hope your Valentine’s day was filled with love and joy. Even if you are single, I hope you spent it cherishing time with your loved ones. As sad as I am to say, Valentine’s Day is coming to a close. It is over unfortunately *waaaah*. Before we say goodbye until next year, I’m going to dish on my great Valentine’s Day thanks to my boo thang 🙂

Check out my picture story to see how my day went 🙂

After our breakfast date, Babe surprised me with flowers & edible arrangements. Flowers are some of my favorite things in the whole wide world. This definitely amped my day 🙂

We then went to the movies to see Deadpool. *Spoiler Alert* Do you have a great sense of humor, love a good love story, and get off on action movies? This movie is for you then!

Lastly, Bae & I went to a hibachi restaurant and capped off our night with dinner. I personally am an advocate of date nights. The times spent with one another bring you closer and allow you guys to build memories.


I couldn’t have had a better Valentine’s Day. While I did love all the things babe did for me, it was more that I got to spend the day with the guy that I love. I hope you guys remembered that this is what the holiday is about. There’s no fun in spending Valentine’s Day celebrating with someone who you aren’t crazy about.  That’s all folks. Let’s see what other ideas I can come up with the blog. Toodles!



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