Let Marc Jacobs brighten your day! <3

Hey everybody!! How’s your day going?! I myself am stuck at work  with a mini blizzard going on outside. Talk about borrring! So, why not brighten our day with my amazing find from shopping yesterday?!



If you guys aren’t familiar with Lord and Taylor, it is a department store similar to Macy’s but in my opinion more upscale.  From working there years ago, I got to learn how many awesome name brand finds I can get for wayyy cheaper than what they are worth. Still not a believer, go check it out! Right now, they are having an “up to 60% off” sale on handbags which are my absolute weakness!

Yesterday, while strolling through the handbag section ( innocent glancing of course 🙂 ) , I came across this lovely Marc Jacobs bag marked down from $200 to around 79 bucks. Throw in the 25% off coupon on top of this sale and I walked away with this cute bit of sunshine for about $60 bucks including tax. Can you say SCORE!!! I’ve already been a fan of Marc Jacobs bags and their great quality so this was a confident buy. Ladies, if you haven’t checked out Lord and Taylor yet,  you better get to it!


I wish you guys the same great luck I had finding this bag in your next shopping excursion. You really can’t beat that kind of deal especially when it’s sooo cute?! *drools over the Marc Jacobs* haha.


Check back in with you later guys! I have a #14DaysofRomance post coming your way. Be on the lookout 🙂


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