#14DaysofRomance: Meet Spotlight Couple, Dawn & Anthony

Valentine’s Day is almost here! You know what that means. The Holiday of Love is around of  the corner filled hopefully with plenty of sparks and fireworks for your love life! One thing for sure, the Valentine’s Day forecast for Spotlight Couple, Dawn and Anthony is beaming with nothing but sunshine, love, hearts, and happiness. While some of you out there are still on the search for that one of a kind love, this couple can relax knowing their search is over. In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I thought why not get some advice and insight from these newlyweds that can help the singles and couples out there on the same journey.


Let me give you guys some background on the lovely couple. I personally know both individuals and can say I’ve been around for a good part of their relationship.  It was actually their love and recent nuptials that made them the best couple to start off our Spotlight Couple series. As someone who has witnessed their relationship dynamic in action, I can say it definitely is a love story that we all hope for. It’s the kind of love where everyone in the room can see it radiating off the couple even in the smallest interactions. In a relationship, a great foundation combining the head over heels love with a solid friendship equals nothing but success.  Hear me when I say, this couple can successfully check both items as complete. A couple of years short of a decade later, Anthony still pulls the car around for Dawn and calls her every lunch break no different than the first few months of their relationship. Seeing their dedication and love, I can’t think of a better couple to “school us” on how they’ve managed to strike this good favor in romance.

TeeTee: Dawn, what do you believe attracted you both to one another?

Dawn: Initially, I’d say it was the physical attraction. Looking back on our lives, we both came from broken relationships and we knew what we didn’t want and we were attracted to each other’s drive of wanting more and wanting better relationships. So, I guess back then that’s what we had in common and that’s how our friendship developed.

Lesson #1: Know what you want and go after it!

I’m sure that this couple’s confidence in the kind of relationship they wanted  went a long way in ensuring their success seen today. Too common, people enter relationships still unsure about what they want to even effectively communicate this to one another. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you are expecting. Dawn and Anthony’s relationship shows that starting off on the right foot can only work in your favor. I’m sure the physical attraction to one another didn’t hurt though 🙂


TeeTee: How is it being newlyweds so far? Are there any differences?

Dawn: The newlywed life is exciting. I try to keep the spark in the relationship as much as possible to keep it from going sour. There really isn’t much of a difference. I still get my lunchtime phone call as I did eight years ago. We continue to date when we can and most importantly laugh and enjoy one another.

Lesson #2: Dating never stops!

I love how vocal Dawn was about making it clear that the dating never stops. Unless you want to lose the spark, you got to keep one another on your toes. A relationship should be filled with laughter, love, and romance. Thanks to Dawn, we can see that it is supposed to stay this way well into the relationship even after marriage. I’ll make sure I write that one down for myself 🙂

TeeTee: Do you have any advice in regards to disagreements in a relationship to give to new couples and single individuals aspiring for a fulfilling relationship?

Dawn: Communication is key, voice your opinion in the situation, hear the other side and try and come to a mutual agreement. It’s always about compromise and considering one another’s feelings.

Lesson #3: Be Transparent and Communicate

From my personal experience and those of my friends and family, I think that people too often try to be what they believe the partner wants rather than who they are. I 100% agree with Dawn that communication is key and we should voice our opinion. Don’t forget Dawn told us this is followed by compromise too! Sometimes people forget that you should listen then be prepared to compromise in order to resolve the matter. Great one Dawn!

When we bumped into each other eight years ago and the attraction was there from 20 years prior, WE KNEW!!!! When you look at each other and smile, when you can't wait to see each other at the end of the day, when you get

TeeTee: How did you guys know each other was ” The One” ?

Dawn: When we bumped into each other eight years ago and the attraction was there from 20 years prior, WE KNEW!!!! When you look at each other and smile, when you can’t wait to see each other at the end of the day, when you get lonely when the other goes home, when you want to live under the same roof, those are signs of falling in love.

Lesson #4: * slowly finishes awww’ing* A connection is a must!

Am I the only one who felt like I was reading a novel or watching a romance movie while reading how Dawn knew Anthony was “The One”. Talk about ROMANTIC!  This lesson is pretty obvious. With a connection like Anthony and Dawn, it’s no wonder they’ve lasted this long and have successfully tied the knot. Can you say #relationshipgoals?!


TeeTee: Why do you think you guys work as a couple?

Dawn: We have similar characteristics such as we both are providers, we are both hard workers, we like to like to look good, we enjoy each other’s company, and most importantly we appreciate one another.

Lesson #5: You need to be on the same page looking for the same things!

It’s obvious that since Dawn and Anthony value the same things out of life, their relationship is able to flow smoothly. This is just one way to show how a couple can compliment one another.

I don’t know about you guys but I definitely got my fill of a great love story listening to how Dawn and Anthony’s relationship came to be and continues to thrive. As a hopeless romantic, I vote this story as one for the books! While their love story warms the heart, it also serves as a guide book on things us relationship newbies and single people can use in our own lives. I wish Dawn and Anthony a fabulous Valentine’s which I am sure it will be nothing short of!





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