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#14DaysofRomance: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Gift Ideas For Him.jpgHey everyone! I hope your day went better than mine. My work day left me rushing home just to be in my PJs and watch some good ol’ television to relax. Yes, it was that stressful unfortunately. What better way to relax then get you guys together a list on gift ideas for your hubsters? It’s only right we continue the #14DaysofRomance. If you didn’t get your significant other a gift yet, it’s definitely crunch time!

  1. Care Package/ Gift Basket : This is a gift that can be altered to suit any holiday. Depending on what your guy loves, you can fill it up with items that mirrors his hobbies and favorites. To modify it for Valentine’s Day, I would throw in some items that is sure to keep a smile on his face and remind him of your love & relationship. In addition to some of his favs, maybe you could throw in a framed usie of you guys or a love letter sealed with a lipstick kiss & perfume. Get creative! As much as guys pretend the sentimental stuff isn’t desired, they are just as much of a softie as us girls if not bigger.
  2. Jewelry: You could never have too much jewelry even as a guy. My boyfriend’s watch collection is proof of this. Watches is always a safe bet to make your honey’s day. If watches aren’t his thing, get whatever you know your honey would love. This could be ring, earring, etc. The point is to think about things he already has or wants and go from there.
  3. Cologne: Smell goods are a gift for you and him. He gets a new scent to add to his collection. You get the luxury of choosing the awesome scent that is guaranteed to make you love every time he comes near you even more. If he already owns a few, make a list and work with the ladies in cosmetics and fragrance to select a cologne you both will love.
  4. Date Night Clothing Item: I don’t know how often you guys have designated date nights but it feels great to get all gussied up to go out to spend time with one another. It would a great gift idea to get him something he can use to “dress up” This could be a nice shirt, a hat, or some nice jeans that make his assests look ahhmazing. Most likely, you’ll be splurging on something he doesn’t buy himself on a regular. That’s always a great win.

fire stick.jpg5. Amazon Fire TV Stick: Let me tell you about this fire stick. It has almost replaced our regular cable TV. There is so much to offer on this fire stick that it combines so many of a guy’s favorites. It allows you to combine all of your apps in one place that you can watch on your TV. As someone who spends loads of time watching Netflix on her phone, this definitely is worth the money.

I wish you guys all the luck finding gifts for your honey dips. If I couldn’t convince you on these gifts, I hope that it inspired you to at least decide what you want to get him for Valentine’s Day. I myself haven’t decided what I am getting my boo thang for Valentine’s Day. It would probably be wise of me to take my own advice haha..

Have a great night!




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