Business · Motivation

Ready, Set, Jump!


The light bulb moment hits. You make your mind up. Preparation is in order. This continues endlessly as you want your plan to be perfect before execution. Can I let you in on a little secret? You will never have a perfect plan. There will always be something that you couldn’t foresee or an emergency that hits out of nowhere. That my friend is life in a nutshell.

So why am I telling you this? This is to remind you that you can plan but so much before you end up benched on the sidelines. Eventually, you got to take a deep breath and just get out on the field. I myself have struggled with this in regards to my aspirations to go out on my own and become my own boss.

I’ve been listening to podcasts from female entrepreneurs I admire. I’ve ordered books detailing success stories and their advice and mistakes. Basically, I’ve allowed myself to study everyone else’s life to get a grip on as much preparation as possible. This is great as one should always plan. But, I will never know what these books and podcasts are referencing until I go out on my own.

I refuse to sit on the sidelines and become benched for life. It is imperative that the goals I set come to life. I’m ready to take that step and go for it. How about you? Let’s take the jump together? What’s the worst that can happen? Our dreams just may come true 🙂


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