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#14DaysofRomance : Valentine’s Day Date Night Lookbook

I’m back with more of #14daysofRomance! While the guys usually are the ones stressing about the agenda on Valentine’s Day, us girls are stuck with the task of finding an outfit that can live up to the occasion. Today I’ve been scouring online trying to narrow down what in the world I would be wearing for Valentine’s Day. Then it hit me, why not put together a look book? I mean, sharing is caring right?ย  These looks are some staples which I think would be great as a starter to build your Valentine’s Day outfit. Play around with patterns, colors, and fit. The goal is to leave a lasting impression ๐Ÿ˜‰ Valentine's Day(1).jpg

Check out the looks below already equipped with the links to get you started. Enjoy!


This is a great statement shoe! If you plan on having a simple outfit, this shoe is sure to bring some life to it.

Mesh Two Tone Pumps


The above twist dress is perfect for a dinner date. It is respectable with enough sexy to grab the right kind of attention.

Twist Long Sleeve Midi Dress


Perfect Girls’ Night Dress for the V-Day weekend

Bustier BodyCon Dress


I am always an advocate for strappy heels! These just scream sexy.

Black Suede Heels

Bling Forever21.jpg

Statement Necklaces always are a great finishing touch.

Rhinestone Statement Necklace


It’s always a good idea to show just a tab bit of skin as a teaser. This would be a great night out dress as well.

Open Shoulder Mini Dress


This is one of my favorites! While I don’t believe this is fit for my shape right now, it screams sexy without being “slutty”. You can’t go wrong with this number.

Semi Sheer Long Sleeve Dress

I hope you guys enjoyed! If you end up selecting one of these looks, I’d love to see how you put them together. I love a great date night look ๐Ÿ™‚



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