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Pamper Me Friday Feat. DIY Face Mask

Let’s give it up for that moment you walk through your front door on a Friday knowing you are planning to do absolutely NOTHING for the rest of the night!I swear there is no feeling like it. I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I opened my eyes Monday morning! I am in desperate need of some pampering & relaxation.

2016-02-05 19.31.54.jpg

To start off the night, I tried a DIY Coffee Face Mask I found online. I noticed this morning that my face was becoming super dry and was in need of some TLC.  The Coffee Mask I selected is supposed to be great for cleansing my skin while at the same time replenishing and moisturizing it which is needed. The coffee itself is packed with antioxidants that aid in protecting your skin from harmful radiations. Scrubbing it on helps exfoliate and remove dry and dead skin. Honey is great for providing moisture and reducing blemishes. Lastly, adding the olive oil to the mix helps improves your skin tone. Like the coffee, it is rich in antioxidants, fights against skin aging, and is perfect for sensitive skin. All three combined are perfect for my current dry skin in need of a good exfoliation.

Directions: Coffee, Olive Oil & Honey Mask


  • 2 tsp of Ground Coffee
  • 2 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 tsp of Honey

 I found adding the olive oil added enough liquid so that the mixture could be properly blended. After mixing up the face mask, I scrubbed it in on my face and neck. While scrubbing it on, I was able to feel a difference in the moisture on my face immediately. I left it on for about ten minutes give or take then washed it off.


I am a believer! When washing the mask off, my face still held a great amount of moisture. There was a vast difference from the dry skin I had prior to its application. I was so stoked I even had my boyfriend feel my face lol. While I am far from a beauty queen with the mask on, even he had to agree my face felt amazingly soft. This is perfect for a quick and effective remedy to dry skin. It is also great that I was able to go in the kitchen and get all of these ingredients. You guys know I love to save me some money!

Thanks to this mask my relaxation night has already started off great. Let’s see what else I can go find to make me feel great and wind down from this work week. Enjoy your night you guys!




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