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Label Me Not.. Sincerly, Ms. Stuck in the Middle

Label Me NotFor those who aren’t aware, I have decided that I would like to branch off into web design slowly making it my primary occupation. As a result, I’ve been doing the research, studying, and just getting a feel of where I want to be and what is the best fit for me in this new career. Hence, how last week I ended up in a beginner’s coding class catered to females. I for one love environments that cater to and empower female entrepreneurs and leaders. In a world that is constantly telling females who we should be and how we should act, empowerment is necessary especially from one another. Naturally, I was psyched to be there.

So what’s the problem you may ask ? Closer to the end of the class, it kind of took a turn from the whole  “females are just as great as men” to ” we are cool because we dont…” kind of thing. There was a lot of talk such as  girls shouldn’t play with dolls as a kid, to we are smart we don’t just spend time with “pretty things, to let’s celebrate those who basically ” do as the men” conversation going on. Can females successfully accomplish that of males? You damn straight if you ask me. Does that mean we should abandon all of which makes us “girly” or “feminine”? Nope! That is where the class lost me.

I love challenging myself mentally and academically. If you were to tell me I can’t, I would tell you watch me! With web design being such a male dominated industry, I understand the need to empower and encourage females that you can do it also. Yet, I don’t believe that we should knock girls who prefer stereotypical “feminine” things such as beauty, fashion, or cooking. This is not a measure of a female’s intelligence or value. It is possible to be both a nerd and a beauty fanatic! I am the biggest nerd ever. Does that mean I can’t love dressing up, sparkly things, or chatting about things that don’t necessarily solve world problems all of the time? Absolutely not if you ask me.

The class was doing a lot of labeling with terms like “nerd”, “feminist”,  and “other girls”. This was a turn off. Never try to force yourself in a mold of what a “label” defines you as. There isn’t a word out there that can totally encompass everything I represent. Why?  Because there is only one me. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if any part of you doesn’t “fit”. You can wear many hats. If you are a nerd, yay! If you are a stylist, great! If you desire to solve world hunger, power to you! Either way, don’t use labels to divide yourself from others. You shouldn’t boost yourself by negating the strengths that others possess. We all are who we are whether we fit one label or five. We are all awesome just the same.

Just a few thoughts from TeeTee 🙂 Enjoy your day!



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