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Sponsoring Your Shopping Addiction: Sell! Sell! Sell!

As you guys can see, I LOVE to shop and can’t resist a great sale! Contrary to how I feel when I’m checking out my shopping cart, I am far from rich. So where does the money to fund this great love of mine come from? Let me clue you in. I simply sell back the clothes that aren’t in rotation in my closet. This could include clothes that I can’t fit, looked better in the store than on my body, or simply just got dumped for whatever recent love I picked up in a store. Where should you sell? How? Is it worth it? Check out the below πŸ™‚



I’ve personally tried Ebay & the Depop app. Ebay is more of my speed. It gets my auctions out and seen by people I could never have been able to on my own. It suggests your shipping, assists with the title, and recommends tips to increase your sales. In the spirit of this article, I’ve signed up a new username and posted new auctions. I’ll keep you guys updated. Feel free to click the links below if you want some examples. Depop was just as simple to sign up for but I didn’t have the same success as on Ebay. Either way, both receive my recommendation.

Is it worth it?

You bet your butt! Even if it is just $20, that is $20 more you can put towards shopping for an item that probably hasn’t seen the light of day since 2000.

TeeTee’s Tips

  1. Well lit pictures boost your cause many times over. People like to be able to see what they are paying for. No one wants to buy a blue dress that looks black especially if they are trying to match the purchased item to a specific color or pattern.
  2. Describe! Describe! Describe! Tell us how many times it was worn. Mention is it is new with tags! Be honest and transparent. It lets the buyer know that you have nothing to hide and are willing to share the true condition and wear of the item.
  3. Be realistic! Would you buy a pair of two year old shoes worn everyday looking as if it was dragged through every weather condition?Β  Put only the best of your unwanted pile of belongings on these sites. Any else, donate! It frees your closet space for your new items and also helps others in need. Talk about a win win πŸ™‚
  4. Use your self as a focus group. Would you buy it looking at your auction? Use yourself as a guide on how to market to others. How do you choose who you buy from? Always keep this in mind.


Pre Owned Kensie top

Cute Fitted “Love” Dress

MaisonJules Blouse

Let me know how your own funding for future shopping goes! Remember, someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Don’t be mean. Share πŸ™‚




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