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Ballin’ on a Budget: My Unexpected Mini Haul

 Hey everyone! Hope all those who got hit with #SnowstormJonas is doing good. 🙂 Living in Buffalo, that would have just been a regular Tuesday for us LOL.. As promised in my last post, Screenshot_2016-01-24-13-47-12-1I’ve done a breakdown on my recent haul this week in the clearance aisles of some of my favorite stores! I actually didn’t even intend to find anything good. I just happen to be browsing and thought what harm could it do to just sneak a peek? Talk about worthwhile.  Scroll down to see how lucky I was 🙂


I initially started in Target as I had a few things to return and pick up for the house. It’s a habit to always stop by the clothing & beauty sections.

In the clothing section, I found these pants I’ve been lusting on for weeks was marked down to $8.98. I can’t recall if I’ve ever been able to spend only around eight bucks for Screenshot_2016-01-24-14-05-59-1pants a day in my life. They were originally supposed to be $30. The pants are about a dark burgundy color with a leather look only in the front. It is a stretchy material elsewhere similar to typical non jean pants. Being a girl with curves, stretch is my greatest ally in pants. I’ve tried them on and they fit PERFECT surprisingly! I’m debating if I’m trying to save these sexy thangs for Valentine’s day. TeeeTee approved definitely.

Since I’ve gone natural years ago, I’ve come to accept that my cabinet reflects that of a product junkie. Knowing I’m going to run through products like water, I try to minimize paying full price for any of my products unless they are my essentials. I found this curl sealer gel for freaking $3.98 marked down from $8.00. You definitely can’t go wrong with 50% off especially for this brand. I’ve used it for a braid out today. Hopefully the results are nothing short of FAB.

There also was crazy sale going on in the makeup department. While the foundation I got and desperately needed wasn’t on sale, I managed to snag a little red Almay lip gloss. It is around two bucks. It wasn’t as visible on my lips as I desired but a great deal nonetheless. I could always just pair it with a red lipstick I already have.


When I entered the Old Navy store, the sale section was pushed to the front. How could I be mean and not stop on by ? I scored these rose gold flat fashion sneakers for $4.99 marked down from $24.95. Lately, I’ve needed to have more comfortable footwear 20160121_163213-1so this was a win. I also scored the matching belt for $2.47 when it originally was $15.

My biggest score at Old Navy was this reversible tote purse for five bucks! I absolutely love purses and don’t believe you could ever have “too many” purses. This babe would be perfect for my books and a great beach bag when summer rolls back around. I didn’t find out it was reversible until I got back home. Options is always a good thing. 🙂


Screenshot_2016-01-24-14-05-03-1Lastly, I checked the Macy’s clearance section. Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize their sale is great for name brands that I love for style but hate the price. I managed to score this Bar III baby for around $19 marked down from $89.50. Let me repeat just in case you didn’t catch how awesome this was. I received seventy bucks, yes I said $70, off this cute wrap dress which will be perfect for work or a dinner date. Kudos to TeeTee on this amazing score right ?

I’m a firm advocate for pretty things with quality at budget friendly prices. This mini haul was unexpected and definitely rewarding. Sounds like I have to tell my babe it’s time for more places to go out. I mean, where else am I going to wear all of these pretty things that I scored for awesome prices ??  * winks*  I hope you guys enjoyed my mini haul. I’d love it better if you guys scoured your clearance sections too and see what hiding waiting to be brought home !





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