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Black & Lovely: A Review on Dark & Lovely’s Black Hair Color

Hi Girlies! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  Hopefully some of you took advantage of the weekend sales per my last post! I surely did 🙂 I can tell you that my weekend has been eventful. But who’s complaining? Definitely not me.



I took the jump and dyed my hair BLACK!!For those who don’t know me, this is MAJOR!I’ve been coloring my hair for YEARS but I never ever tried the BLACK… In my opinion, it didn’t suit my features or complexion. Also, there is way too much fuss to deal with when it comes time to change your hair color. With all that being said, I have seen the light. Better yet, I’ve seen the darkness haha. *See below for a random selfie with my new hair color*

The Process

In regards to this specific product, the process wasn’t too different from my usual store bought coloring products. You mix two bottles together. Shake it up. Then walaah you have the color to put in your hair. It took a little 30 minutes for the color to set in as I have natural hair. Wash it out then proceed to do your usual washing/styling process. As I said, this was pretty standard.

Post Color

This is where the good review comes! My hair was so soft and shiny. The black color definitely agreed with my hair. Healthy pretty much sums up the look of my hair. It has been days later, numerous styles, and my hair still looks just as healthy and vibrant. There wasn’t any breakage or excessive shedding which is always a concern when using hair color. While I am still adjusting to having “dark hair” as I usually lean towards reds and auburns, this definitely is a good look for my hair! No complaints over here!


Dark & Lovely, you have me over here feeling Black & Lovely! Yay! This product is TeeTee approved.




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