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CareerTalk: Should “NO” be your professional arch nemisis?

Everyone has heard the word “no” from a supervisor or company putting a damper on your professional sights. I mean, hearing “no” is a part of life right? In an ideal word, every aspect of our life would be met with nothing but yes. Yet realistically, that would be impossible. So my question is, how should we internalize or respond to the “no” that we may hear from those around us within our career?No Sign

Yes, I acknowledge I won’t get every position or opportunity I desire for a number of reasons. There may be someone more qualified. The position may not be suitable for my personality/ skills despite my own personal opinions. Whatever the reason, I totally get that others have the option to deny or see reason to postpone opportunities. My thing is why should I accept it?

I’ve always taken hearing the word “no” as another reason to push forward. Arrogant or not, I usually take the “I’ll show them” approach in response. If we all waited until others believed in our abilities or decided it was “our time”, no one would ever get ahead before the age of 40. When my previous boss was stalling a promotion I was overdue for, I went to another department and within 4 months I was already on my 2nd promotion. Am I the only one that believes that I should have the final say so in my career at the end of the day? Why shouldn’t the word “no” get a kick in the butt every time it puts a block on our dreams?

Word on the street is that millennials have no patience and want everything to happen immediately when and how they want it. This could be true. I could rightly so be a product of a generation used to being able to receive everything instantly. Even so, I can’t help but think if “no” decides to get in my way, we rightfully so will have a fight on our hands.



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