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Routine & Planning: Your New BFFs

Let me introduce you to my way of completing things. I wait until the ultimate last minute before even contemplating finishing anything remotely urgent in my life. This is followed by a series of panic, rushing, a gush of inspiration, and then waalah.. completion. While this has been acceptable for my life as a single female living on my own, recent responsibilities have forced me to look for a new process. Hence my new BFFs, routine and planning.

I’m starting to see that a hour of preparation is actually saving me the world of time during the week which I have been dying for. Don’t get me wrong. I am not the biggest cheerleader for this. I’m still guilty of asking for a nap or just one more episode of my latest binge watching marathon on Netflix. Against my love for sleep and procrastination, I must admit it is more successful and reduces your stress level.

This brings me to today’s to Do List. I woke up this morning with a plan to complete a series of tasks which have thankfully been completed. Here are my tips….

  1. Just keep moving!! Don’t stop. After completing one task, move on to the next. Take your downtime at the end of the night where you can relax and sleep at your discretion. This saves you from either doing chores like laundry at midnight or just suffering from your failure to complete during the week.
  2. Know what keeps you going and have it at your disposal. I for one get bored very easily and HATE chores. I’ve learned a Starbucks latte and Netflix on my phone as I go helps me keep going.
  3. Organize your tasks by urgency and the time needed to complete. Every Sunday, I’ve started a habit of going grocery shopping with my boyfriend. This keeps us from always having to figure out what’s going to be dinner. It also helps us save money by not spending on take out and buying out snacks and lunch at work. To avoid crowds and get it out the way, this is my largest task making it my first priority.
  4. Once again, I repeat keep moving!! Don’t even look at your bed or even dare take a seat on the couch. You will prefer this and make it even harder for yourself to get back in your mojo and complete what needs to be done.
  5. Last but not least, reward yourself. After running around all day doing everything for my household, I reward myself with time to pamper myself at the end of the night. This starts my week off good to ensure I am in the best mood possible.


Today, I’ve completed the below.

  1. Completed grocery shopping which I hope lasts two weeks *fingers crossed*
  2.  Organized my shelves and cabinets in the kitchen so it’s easier for us to see what items we have and what we need therefore cutting down on overspending.
  3. Cut my coupons from this Sunday’s paper and organize it in my coupon folder making our savings organized and accessible.
  4. Set my hair for tomorrow’s hairstyle. Hopefully, it’s cute.
  5. Lastly, write this blog post for my readers 🙂

What have you done today? If nothing, I advise you to get to stepping! Kick start your week the right way. Trust me, those extra 10 minutes in the morning will make a difference 🙂 You’ll thank me!

Tee Tee


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