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The New Years TURN UP.. At Home!

2015-12-31 20.10.31.jpg

Hey everyone!!

        Every New Years, majority of people get pumped to get dolled up and head over to the clubs, get college kid wasted, and stumble home. This time last year that surely would have been me 🙂 Currently, I am sitting here writing this post in my jammies. Clearly, I am not going anyyyywhere. So, what is the “turn up” at home? What can us home bodies do on the Ultimate Turn Up holiday in the house? Check out below!

  1. Having a few cocktails at home is always an option. Without the long lines, crowded clubs, and excruciating wait for a cab home, this always promises a good time. TURN UP! TURN UP!
  2. Watch the ball drop with your loved ones. Get a couple of your friends and family together. Put on some music and have a good ol’ time. I myself plan on spending this day cuddling up with my boyfriend bringing in the New Year with a kiss 😉Screenshot_2015-12-31-20-33-44-1.png
  3.  GIRLS NIGHT! Throw on some cute chick flicks and get the party going. With tomorrow being a federal holiday, you can never go wrong with a late night sleepover. Talk about the good times you shared this year. Plan next year’s must have’s and ideas for new good times. Bring in the New Years with lots of laughs and a rom-com. May I suggest New Years Eve?
  4. Good Ol’ Fashioned Spa Day. Gather your nail polishes, face masks, and hair curlers. Use this down time to pamper yourself and look your best for the start of the new year. Relaxing and looking good is always an option!
  5. Netflix BINGE! If you are one of those people who aren’t going to be sharing this moment with others, start up that handy dandy Netflix. I myself have become obsessed with Blue Blood, Jane the Virgin, and Person of Interest. This binge would be great for anyone is always busy and finally has some downtime.


Whatever you do, just HAVE FUN! Be safe, be happy, and bring the New Years in your own way:) See you guys in 2016!

Tee Tee


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