Don’t just think, Act!

“Tomorrow, I’m going to….”

“I will make sure I….”

“From now on…”

“I’ve always wanted to…”

If any of these things sound familiar, then you know what it’s like to decide that something needs to change. If you’re like me then you also know what it is like to put this on the backburner. There are plenty of things I’ve decided that I wanted to do. Yet, there is one thing these items on my to-do list have in common: I failed to follow through.


Over the past week, I’ve been realizing that I’ve allowed my daily life to overpower my short term and long term goals. Somehow laundry, cooking, and cleaning have trumped savings, investing, and becoming an entrepreneur. Bills have taken priority putting my ambition on the backburner. Now this isn’t some post about what could of, should of , or would have been. I’ve already committed to following through. This post is for the person who just came home from work exhausted, has a mountain of things to check off their to-do list and realized not one those checks will put them any closer to their ambitions and desires. This post is for the person who needs a reminder the way I needed one this week. After reading this, you can’t say you didn’t realize. Now it’s up to you to follow through 🙂


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