First Come First Serve

It’s a sad truth that people are always worrying about their own problems and focusing on their own priorities. If you are consistently trying to help everyone, your energy will be on “E” at the end of the day. This is not to say that you shouldn’t help those around you that you care about. Rather, put yourself first.

It is in everybody’s interest for you to take care of yourself and ensure df6b07f396e94b9c2234785f2aed4f79.jpgyour health in every aspect. Today was a wake up call for me that even the ones you love can still take your last bit of “ummph”.I recommend everyone take some time a day to either reward, focus, or nuture themselves. Listen to your favorite music while taking a bath. Start that hobby you never got around to. Be your own boss.Do something. If not, you’ll end up depleted always trying to help the next person’s crisis while ignoring your own.






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