5 Real Explanations as to Why Your Friends Aren’t Clapping For You

This is in response to the wonderfully worded article below.

I’ve always heard people speaking about their friends since pull-ups that is basically like the family now. You know the friends that knew you since before you knew yourself. Unfortnuately, I’ve never really had that. Moving from school to school and ultimately out of my home city, I constantly find myself in friendships that haven’t really lasted for “years” liek most. So when I read this woman’s article on friends, I felt she was speaking to the choir.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always had friends and some of them have lasted a good amount of time. Yet as I type, I don’t have the cheeleaders in my life that she mentions at the end of her post.

You have what she wants and she has no idea how to get it –

I’ve had this friend! Oh, it took growing up for me to reflect back and be able to say “Hey Boo! It really wasn’t your fault”. This is the friend that you call excited with big news that gives your a dry ass “that’s great” and proceeds to change the topic to something totally pointless.

2.She’s holding on to old pain that just won’t allow her to celebrate you  –

Of course, I’ve had this friend too! The friend that when you tell her about the how great the guy you met is, she lets you know all guys aint iish.

She’s just not on your level –

Hey girl! Oh you know her! This is the friend that when you speak of plans five to ten years down the line, she lets you know the only thing that matters to her is the club and what new sneakers she needs.

Last but not least ,She doesn’t actually like you –

This is the friend that will hurt you the most. The friend that continously puts herself in every aspect of your life but drains all of your energy with drama, mood swings, and attitudes.

As you can see, I’ve almost met all of them. Starting a lot of new friendships have led me to the end of a lot of friendships. So when reading this woman’s article, it caused me to take a look around my circle once again. How many of you can actually say you have “clappers” in your circles? Before you answer, hear me out. This is not the friend that has been there since two but you actually don’t really like each other. This is not the friend that you can go to the club with but never really support each other. This is a TRUE friend! I’m curious to know how many of them are really out there… *snaps* to the woman who wrote this article! Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t the only one that noticed

She Speaks


About a week or so ago Viola Davis won an Emmy over Taraji P. Henson. Not only did Taraji leap in celebration of her friend, she sincerely supported her success and was genuinely happy for her. No jealousy. No spite. No resentment. Consequently, this popular televised event has caused women Worldwide to now began questioning their own friendships with their girlfriends, giving birth to the quickly coined catchphrase “Who’s really clapping for you when you win??”

I think as women we tend to be a bit more loaded in our intentions with each other. It isn’t always purposefully, but it is indeed something you can catch and check real fast; that is if you actually want to! Some of us will go years fighting the same battle with the same chick and then keep wondering why the friendship sucks. Going through the maze of several friendship zones, I’m going to go ahead and…

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