Hi! It’s TT here :)

Well, it would be a smart idea to introduce myself. Let alone inform you guys on what this blog is about right? I’m Tee Tee, a New York City girl currently residing in the city of Buffalo. Living on my own, I’ve come to realize the gap in female empowerment, individuality, and the availability of information on anything a woman in her 20s may need.

JustTeeTee is a blog that allows me to share my everyday life and issues with females around the country suffering from the same unnamedproblems. I would love for this blog to become a forum where we all help one another in every aspect of our lives. Do you need a to find a place where the sales of the week let you look like a hundred bucks for twenty? Check JustTeeTee! Or maybe you need to know what to wear on your first real interview post college? Check JustTee! Are you aspiring to become a business owner but don’t know where to start? Guess where you should check? That’s right, JustTeeTee!

So let the initiation begin! I, Tatyanna aka Tee Tee, vouch to be as open and honest on JustTeeTee where we all can assist one another on this journey of life. Just know if you don’t have that kind of friend that you can laugh, build, and shop with, you surely gained one now! WELCOME!!!


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